When I first started my transition, I had no intention of having lower surgery. It wasn’t until after being on testosterone for about 6 months that I began to feel differently. Bathrooms have been the most difficult part of transition for me – it’s difficult to use a bathroom of the gender opposite the one you’ve used for almost 29 years. After being on T for about 6 months, being misgendered (called she, her, etc.) became a thing of the past, so using the women’s bathroom did, too. To be honest, I avoided public restrooms as much as possible.

It was after my first experience in the men’s locker room at the pool when I first began to seriously consider my need for lower surgery. I had to change into my swimsuit in the locker room, which meant that I had to change in the bathroom stall with a door. As I was changing, I was overcome with the realization that I wasn’t like the other guys in the locker room. And that was when I realized that I needed to explore lower surgery options.

As of Summer 2013, I have a job where I will soon have trans-inclusive health insurance which will cover lower surgery. I have decided to pursue phalloplasty, as my body type doesn’t make me a good candidate for metoidioplasty, among other factors. My current timeline is that I have narrowed down my choice of surgeons to two or three surgeons, and I hope to schedule consultations with them for the Fall of 2013. If I am able to choose a surgeon and file my claim by the end of 2013, I hope to have the first stage of my surgery completed during the Summer or Fall of 2014.

I will update this section as things progress.